Welcome to Fork Prints!

I’m Lauren Goslin, and I’m the woman behind this blog. I’ve been blogging for over ten years, and it all started with my food blog, Oatmeal with a Fork.

I began Fork Prints as more of an informal place to discuss natural healing, homemade beauty concoctions, and life as a busy, homeschooling mama of four.

My health has been a huge part of my life, as it is something that I’ve struggled with continually.

Lyme disease

I was diagnosed with Lyme disease in 2008. I had a very positive Western blot with seven bands indicative of the nefarious condition.

We began having children in 2009, and, generally speaking, I did well during those years of birthing and breastfeeding. The most noticeable difference during that time was that I was able to eat without allergic response!

In 2019, I gave birth to our fourth child, Miki Lux. While I love her so, the pregnancy did a number on me, and afterwards, I began to have the worst health of my life.

Mold and candida

After a battery of tests in 2020, I discovered shortly after Miki’s birth that I had multiple high levels of mycotoxins, as well as multiple strains of candida.

I have since done multiple stool tests, which have found a few nasty strains of bacteria.

I am in the process of putting all of this information together, and this blog will help me chronicle what I’m doing.

I hope to be helpful to someone else out there going through something similar! 💖